Fall 2013

ODU Dining Hall

General Contractor

Hourigan Construction


Mike Beard

Total Building Area

44,000 SF

Total Concrete Poured

1,364 cubic yards

The new dining hall hall is a LEED Gold facility from the US Green Building Council featuring a marketplace style dining with outdoor plazas, food prep areas, and office space. The upstairs has an executive dining room, board room, and outdoor patio area. Bayside Concrete installed the pile cap grade beam foundations, column footings, radius CIP walls, stamped patio slabs, decorative walls, pond slabs, loading docks, pan stairs, slab on grade, and slab on metal deck upstairs. This building’s slab on grade was poured over heating coils that will heat the building with ambient heat. To complete the Decorative and structural walls of the rotunda Bayside made their own custom snap ties in house to complete the tightly formed walls.